Papaya Boutique

A million thanks for the great work you’ve done for me. I am so pleased with the way Papaya looks, feels, and radiates beautiful baby love. You have captured the spirit and energy I wanted to convey, and you’ve found creative ways to channel all my initial ideas and concepts into a harmonious masterpiece that is now the most beautiful boutique in Belize!

When people walk through that door, their mouths open wide, letting out instant ”ooooh”s and ”aaaah”s. Within seconds, they go back to their own childhood, feeling the magic and wonders of being little. Papaya is such a unique concept, and what made it so special was your personalized attention to detail, your artistic devotion toward thinking ”outside the box” and your thorough collaboration with your clients.

It was a true pleasure working with you. I am recommending Platinum Design to everyone and anyone who asks about design and art…particularly those who gaze in amazement at the beauty that is Papaya Boutique.